Kaufman article contributes to divide (Tom Corrigan)

It's exaggerated articles like Ted Kaufman's that contribute to the intense divide in our country.

Is Kaufman's subliminal message that there is a similarity between Trump and Hitler? Perhaps not, but to indicate that the 2020 US government "will look something like Berlin in April 1945" is preposterous.

After its unconditional surrender in April 1945, Germany faced the following issues: the German state didn't exist and it had to be jointly overseen by the allied forces (US, Britain, France & Soviet Union); 25% of the country's housing was damaged beyond use; factories and transportation systems ceased to function; rampant inflation undermined the value of the currency; acute food shortage reduced the diet of urban residents to the level of malnutrition; and there were millions of homeless German refugees from the eastern provinces.

Will the US look anything like this in 2020? Would a transition really be as difficult as Germany's?

Tom Corrigan, Wilmington

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