Climate crisis upon us now will dwarf Dust Bowl (Clarke & Shank)

Ms. Yvette Clarke represents NY in the House of Representatives; Mr. Michael Shank teaches sustainable development at NYU and is communications director of the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance.

According to this USA Today column, the climate crisis is about to create a lot of “climate refugees.” How: Wildfires in CA that are driving people out of their homes – sea level rise that will do the same for 13 million Americans by the end of this century (shades of Superstorm Sandy in 2012, when thousands of Brooklyn families were forced from their homes and communities) – ever more powerful tropical cyclones and floods due to warmer ocean waters. Proof: Latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. And gee whiz, some of these people “don’t have the resources to just pack up and move, making the displacement more precarious.”

Déjà vu, “in the early 1900s,” when “Dust Bowl refugees migrated westward in search of safer ground and more protected, secure livelihoods.” So lesson learned, in addition to working to decarbonize our economy, etc., "we must safeguard our communities and allocate resources to those already on the front lines."

This isn’t reporting, it’s simply propaganda. By the way, the Dust Bowl was in the 1930s; one might think the authors would have gotten that detail right.
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