The Point of It All (Charles Krauthammer)

Five years ago, I read a previous anthology of writings by Charles Krauthammer entitled Things That Matter and found it very rewarding. Here is a second volume in a similar vein, this one edited by his son Daniel Krauthammer and published posthumously.

Most of the pieces are 3-page columns, with a few longer articles and speeches. They span Krauthammer’s writing career, which began when he was hired at the Washington Post in 1984 and ended with his “note to readers” in June 2018 reporting that his cancer had returned and “my fight is over.”

There are many interesting subjects touched on in these essays, revealing a wide range of knowledge and interests – baseball, chess, law, politics, international relations, global warming, economics, and ultimately “the point of it all,” which is pushing the boundaries to learn all that we can and be all that we can be.

Highly recommended!

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