Killing the deep state (Jerome Corsi)

Killing the Deep State: The fight to save President Trump, Jerome Corsi, 2018 – As of this writing there have been 500+ reviews posted on Amazon, mostly “five stars” with a smattering of “one stars” and not much in between. Ergo, the reactions have been primarily based on politics versus substance. Perhaps it would be helpful to focus on the substance.

Corsi makes a credible case that a plot to take out President Trump was launched as soon as he won the election in 2016, as evidenced by virulent demonstrations in many places, biased coverage by the mainstream media, and hostile moves of senior officials of the FBI, DOJ, NSA, etc. that led to the initiation of an open-ended legal probe headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. While the recent facts are familiar to those following the news, albeit not quite up to date as the story has progressed since the book went to press, some details of the back story are instructive.

Condemnation of the Deep State conspiracy seems overstated in various respects, however, as for example in reciting alleged misdeeds of “four traitorous US presidencies” (Bush 41, Clinton 42, Bush 43 and Obama 44, who served over a period of 28 consecutive years). US was lead nation in the international arms trade – invasion of Iraq was a “criminal travesty” – a plan existed to support Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration of the top levels of the US national security apparatus – Deep State ran the international drug trade – income tax and Federal Reserve (with its bubble-generating fiat currency) were twin “pillars on which Deep State globalists and central bankers depended to finance their evil, unconstitutional shadow government.” And going back to 1963, the CIA conspired with mobsters to kill JFK.

On the other hand, the author seems to endorse all of Trump’s ideas and actions, including some of dubious merit. For example, the quick renunciation of the Trans-Pacific Partnership – 12-nation trade deal that had been under negotiation for years - is looking increasingly questionable. As trade disagreements with China heat up, the president is belatedly realizing that the US will need some allies in that discussion and recently allowed that he might be willing for the US to rejoin the TPP (now called TP-11, as the other parties are planning to proceed without us).

The final part of the book is called “How Trump wins.” It is persuasively suggested that the president and his allies will never be unable to conclusively disprove the charges of Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, etc., but if the charges don’t go anywhere the American public will ultimately conclude that the Mueller probe is indeed a “witch hunt,” as the president et al. have claimed. The continuation that the president et al. must see to it that all the folks on the other side are exposed and prosecuted, however, seems like a dangerous idea – almost guaranteeing that the political infighting would continue indefinitely and grow increasingly vicious.

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