Blitz: Trump will smash the left and win (David Horowitz)

Time will tell - Writing books in the middle of things is always risky, and this one will soon be forgotten if Donald Trump doesn’t happen to win reelection in November. Anyone reading this book now will be aware of subsequent developments that have scrambled the odds considerably.

On the plus side for Trump, the impeachment charges were systematically rejected by the GOP-controlled Senate – at which point he appeared to be riding high and Democrats faced a likely backlash for having overplayed their hand.

But then came the coronavirus pandemic, the massive economic recession that materialized as businesses were shut down, and a nationwide wave of civil unrest fueled by charges of systemic police racism. Although these developments arguably proved the author’s point about the Left’s destructive game plan, they also created a situation in which Americans might choose former Vice President Joe Biden in hopes that life would somehow return to “normal.”

Time will tell what actually happens, but this book certainly doesn’t live up to the jacket hype of revealing how Trump is “going to steamroll this opposition in November, using the same playbook he has used to win before.” And astute observers have suggested that Trump must offer something new, because if the election is seen as a referendum on his presidency he will invariably come up short.

All that being said, this book remains a workmanlike recap of what happened in the first three years of the Trump presidency. Most of the details are familiar, but they are generally well told. One misstatement I noticed, however, is that Trump did not sign a record tax cut in 2018 – this happened in December 2017, although the tax cuts did become effective as of January 2018. Also, Republican reverses in the 2018 mid-term elections might have been noted, and some of the statements based on Trump’s arguments are debatable (especially his condemnation of trade deals negotiated by his predecessors).

Overall, I think the book deserves a three-star rating.

This review was posted on Amazon, 9/24/20.

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