The Nazis and the Occult (Paul Roland)

The Nazis and the Occult, Paul Roland, Arcturus Publishing (UK), 2018 - There's been a lot written about who the Nazis really were, e.g., radical conservative or radical leftist movement. Also, how did they persuade the citizens of what was at the time one of the leading nations on Earth to turn over political power to them? What was their secret, and was it also their inevitable undoing? The conventional accounts are conflicting and not truly satisfying, especially in terms of ensuring that nothing analogous occurs in our own country/era. This book suggests some potentially useful answers.

The core group (Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, Himmler) were poorly educated and social misfits. With the exception of Goering, none of them had upper crust ties or associations. So notwithstanding the fact that the Nazis were bitter rivals of the Communists, theirs was a leftist radical movement.

They did not devise the cultural and mystical notions with which they dabbled, most of these ideas and symbols had been around (in Germany and elsewhere) for quite a while. And these notions were used as a means to an end (seizing power) versus because they truly believed in them.

Why were the Germans fooled so completely? The socio-economic conditions were favorable, e.g., resentments left over from the humiliating loss of World War I, the hyperinflation that wiped out middle class savings circa 1923, and the worldwide economic depression in the 1930s. According to this book, the Nazis were able to reboot the economy by borrowing money that they had no intention of repaying in order to rearm the country, all of which made no sense unless the plan was to launch a great war (as they did within a few years).

But there had to be a sales pitch. One was to demonize the Jews, establishing them as the enemy, and the other was to paint a picture of Aryan superiority and the supposed wonders of the symbols and rituals that the Nazis had latched on to. Hitler's role was as the spell-binding orator, who won acceptance at an emotional level despite the manifest absurdity of his ideas.

Various details of the dabbling with astrology, paranormal exercises, perversion of church rituals, World Ice theory, etc. are rather tedious, and quotes are overused in place of exposition. Nevertheless, the overall point that Nazism was a hollow facade is convincingly made.

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