Newsletter 89 - Spring 2018

“See something, say something” covers SAFE’s individualized letters to some key players (5 Republicans, 3 Democrats) in the Feb/March budget negotiations. Other stories: (A) “Misguided renewable energy plan”; (B) “Costly fuel cells”; and (C) “In his own words” (a review of Scalia Speaks).


Newletter 88 - Winter 2017

The new administration didn’t solve all of this country’s problems in 2017, but the economic rebound (Year in review) seems encouraging. We are also hopeful for favorable outcomes in the other stories: Bundy ranch case, and Mueller probe illustrate the need for law enforcement personnel to respect the law, just like everyone else. Opportunity knocks suggests two groups that are both trying to organize a Convention of States should join forces and work together. DE offshore wind study reports on a dubious idea for government action that seems headed for rejection.