Newsletter 86 - Summer 2017

Governments are more likely to make sound decisions if all concerned (both participants and observers) realize that their preferred answers aren’t necessarily right. In this vein: (1) Recognize that education is far from a panacea. (2) Don’t support popular changes in policy (e.g., legalizing marijuana) without considering contrary evidence. (3) Support robust, reasoned debate of controversial issues on college campuses and elsewhere. (4) Honor the past, whether it’s the wartime sacrifices of the Greatest Generation or the initiative of the fiscal visionaries who founded SAFE. (5) Although observers don’t have all the answers, they shouldn’t hesitate to ask constructive questions.

Newsletter 85 - Spring 2017

This issue reports on several issues that SAFE members have been following: (1) reconsidering the dogma of manmade global warming (the overwhelming scientific consensus seems to be evaporating); (2) clipping the wings of the Consumer Protection Bureau (an agency created for purely political purposes, which was purposely insulated from effective accountability); (3) supporting a Convention of States that could propose constitutional amendments to rein in the federal government (Congress can’t be expected to restrain itself); and (4) facing up to the lamentable decline of higher education in this country. Also, enjoy the Trump video; all Americans should find it inspirational, we think, regardless of their political affiliation.

Newsletter 84 - Winter 2016

SAFE faces a big challenge in getting action on its agenda, e.g., persuading political leaders to address the fiscal problem instead of continually running up the national debt. This issue focuses on recent efforts to promote our agenda and support like-minded allies, including participation in half a dozen coalition letters, a personal meeting with Senator Tom Carper, and networking with other conservative groups. See also our review of a recent book by Michael Tanner and a videotaped talk by Representative Trey Gowdy on how to be a persuasive advocate.