Secure America’s Future Economy (or SAFE) is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization, which has been advocating smaller, more focused, less costly government since 1996. We believe that:

  • free markets make for the best economic decisions
  • the private sector is an engine of wealth creation
  • government-directed economies don't work very well

To keep the economy humming, the government (federal, state & local) should:

  • eliminate wasteful spending programs
  • streamline the tax system
  • restructure “entitlement” programs
  • rationalize regulations

Our specific ideas for accomplishing these goals are spelled out in the
Policy Statements on this website; we urge you to check them out.

Even the best of policies need to be "sold," and SAFE devotes substantial time and effort to Outreach efforts, including a weekly blog, a Delaware Chatter microblog, periodic letters to the media and political leaders, and a quarterly newsletter.

If the SAFE agenda and approach appeal to you, please consider
joining SAFE. Together, we can work for a better tomorrow.

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